Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Asher is a ham

For those of you that know Asher this should come as no surprise, he sure loves the camera!

Summer 2011

I've had a couple weeks off of school and we have been enjoying time as a family. We had to do a flying shot of Anna like we did of the boys two years ago. Maybe we'll re-do it though when she's not in a dress.
The 4th of July Our neighbors had us over for a bbq and we all had a great time. This was the first year we kept them up for fireworks. Asher thought the fireworks were too loud and Anna just kind of freaked out.

Our new neighbors put up a tireswing in the front yard. The kids love it. These other two girls are in Anna's nursery class and very sweet girls. We are lucky to have neighbors with kids so close to our kids age.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The kids love spinning in this chair. Sometimes Isaac begs to be spun all day long. But notice Isaac's "red shirt". He has worn this shirt everyday for the past 3 months, with us washing it every night. Tim and I talked to his teacher at the Barber National Institute and she suggested that we get rid of it because 1) it's going to be 80 degrees out soon and it's long sleeved and 2) it's a behavior that we need to not let him control us with - give him an inch he takes a mile. Well the next day we got rid of it. He had a very long tantrum the first day, the next day it wasn't so bad and so on. It's been almost two weeks and he still asks for it everyday when we dress him in the morning.
The teacher also suggested that we get him evaluated for Autism because we have never gotten him officially diagnosed and she mentioned observing behaviors that are consistent with ASD.
It's never a dull moment with him though. I taught Isaac to pee outside, he thought I was asking him to do the funniest thing at first. The weather has been so nice that when we were playing outside Isaac would pee himself because he doesn't want to go inside. Two weekends ago we had a BBQ at our friend house. I think Isaac peed outside no more than 5 times. We laughed a little about it. A little bit later I saw Tim run towards Isaac saying no, no, don't do that Isaac. He scooped him up and took him inside. Someone pointed a brown log where Isaac had been squatting. I couldn't believe he just pulled down his pants and pooped outside right by the back door.

Here's my beautiful girl. She loves me a lot and I love her. I was upstairs yesterday putting away laundry. Downstairs I started to hear "maw.....maw.....maw....." She sounded just like a little lost duckling looking for her mommy.
I can't stand the humidity here, but it does bring out Anna's curls.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love My Kids

The weather's nice enough to open the window! Isaac just layed up there for awhile and watched the world go by. It's nice to see signs of life after a long winter.
One thing about girls is that you have to do their hair everyday or it looks like this. But Anna is ready to be a big girl and do everything her brothers do including riding their bikes.

Asher does a weird face when eating something he loves. He flutters his eyes and relishes the taste. He's kind of weird...but in a good way...he gets that from the Wolfe side of the family (the weirdness).

And here he is using one of his drills to blowdry his hair like mommy. It does look and sound like a blowdryer, so I get it.

While I'm laid up in bed post surgery I've actually got the time and motivation to post some pictures. These are several months old and maybe I'll get the camera out and take some more. I love my kids and love my husband even more for taking care of them and letting me get all the rest I need. I also have amazing friends who are helping me without me even asking them.

Oh and here's a picture of Anna and bubbles. She loves them asks for them all the time. The way she says bubbles is so cute. Love this girl! Sure she's a cute little girl but her personality makes her pretty much the cutest thing on the planet.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Asher's Song

Asher decided the words to "Where is Thumbkin" are:

Where is Thomas
Where is Percy
Here I am, Thomas
Here I am, Percy
Thank you very well trains
Run away
Run away

This is to the tune of "Frere Jacques" (Brother John) for those who don't know the thumbkin song.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Life With Ike

Isaac has a red shirt he wears everyday. The first thing he asks for in the morning is for his red shirt. He got poop on it on Saturday and while it was in the washer he had a meltdown because he wanted to wear it.

He is mostly potty trained but the poop incident was an accident, he went in the potty it just got smeared. Gross I know but I'm glad he at least goes in the potty.

Sometimes I wish he was normal. We went to a birthday party, just me and the 3 kids. Asher went off with his favorite friend and Anna was just enjoying everything. Isaac on the other hand was into everything. In the order that I can remember he:
Dumped out the entire soap solution for the bubble blower on the table
Climbed up on the table and took one of the dum-dum lollipops off the cute Candy Land theme cake and ate it.
Ran around the table and tried to pull the balloons off the back of the chairs, successfully doing so to a few.
Found a cord and plugged it in to the wall and spent about 10 minutes pretending it was a vacuum or weedwacker or whatever it was. (it's kind of cute the white noise he makes when he's pretending something is a vacuum.)
Climbed up on the bar stool and pulled just the pepperonis off the pizza and ate them.
Went down the stairs to an area that was locked off and tried to get in it.
Tried to open the front door and go out.
Tried to open the back door and go out.
Tried to play in the bathrooms, but wouldn't go potty.
Went into the kitchen area where the grandma and great-grandma were preparing everything for the party and got into everything including playing with the water in the sink.
I spent pretty much the whole party chasing after him and pulling him away from trouble just minutes before or minutes after he got into it. All in all we had fun and social experiences are good for him and good for me too.

Even though he takes so much more effort than the other two, I love him so much. I love his smile and his laughter. His laugh is by far the best of all three. I think we named him right since his name means laughter. He brings so much to our family and teaches us so much.

We don't know where on the spectrum he lies but I have a lot of people tell me how well his speech is coming along. He is no where near where Asher is but he improves all the time. I read somewhere that children with Asperger's Syndrome have better communication than classic Autistic children but their behavioral problems are worse so they sometimes are labeled the bad kid or problem child.

Anyways those are just my thoughts on my first born. I'm glad I have 3 healthy children and I love everyday I get to spend with them even when it's hard.

Monday, January 31, 2011


I love that when Asher doesn't know what to call something he figures out what to call it. I gave Tim a paper towel at dinner and Asher asked for a white wiper too. We also have a pair of plastic tongs in the play kitchen stuff. Asher goes around grabbing things with them and calls them his grab-clappers.